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Samson Project

Simson, also translated as Samson, is a historical personality of the Bible of amazing greatness. His probably most famous heroic deed is associated with the killing of a young lion. Later, and no less spectacularly, he killed 1000 of his enemies with a donkey chin cheek. For some time he went into the country, catching in a clever way, but nobody knows how, 300 jackals, tying them in pairs, putting a torch between their tails a then driving them burning through the cornfields of the Philistines. His most sporting achievement, and that at night, is Olympic: Samson runs with gates of the city of Gaza, after which he lifted them out and runs about 60 km, only to carry them to the summit of the mountain that lies against Hebron from Gaza Strip to the West Bank, and that in one night. The hero has managed by his deeds, up to our time, to arouse and heat the minds.

Oh, yes, the most exciting part of his life is still missing. Simson a womanizer? His heart is really devoted to women, he can't resist heir charm, the brave man seems to weaken in this matter. The women succeed again and again in eliciting his deepest secrets from him. And so it came as it had to. The supposed philanderer is betrayed by Dalilah. Intrigue and greed dominate the scene. Simson the Strong falls into the trap but is still caught. One stabs his eyes out, drives him to slavery. So he ekes out a miserable existence. But in the end, when everything looks gloomy and dark, he gets back his supernatural power. Equipped again with miraculous strength, be grabs two pillars of the temple and makes the idol house collapse. Not only does the temple fall, but also the fine rulers are slain and buried by the ruins; Simson dies with them.

This is how it is told in the historical text, in Judges 13 to 16. But what is really behind its story?
There's one thing I'm allowed to tell you now: Forget everything. Forget what you've ever heard of Simson, read in books, seen in movies, everything. Rediscover Simson.

Simson is an allegorical narrative a story behind the story or in other words: a veiled speech.

In the Simson Project, the actual things are told, those that hide behind the veil of allegory. We set out to visit the modest young man behind the scenes. The puzzle Simson is solved and at the end of HIS project you can only come to one conclusion:


Note: Please read the basics first, and then learn to understand. Without basic knowledge it is impossible to find out the whole project do you recognize the love of Simson, because: who knows him, recognizes him.

Simson and the Lion by Léon Bonnat

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