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An Interpretation of Samson's Story - Judges 14

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But his father and mother did not know
that it was from the Lord, for he sought
an opportunity in the Philistines.

A few years ago I sat half a year over this chapter. Can you imagine, dear reader, that someone would spend six months on a single chapter? But not just a few hours, but up to 16 hours every day. In order to survive that long, you need not only perseverance, but a play instinct well trained from childhood. Why? Maybe you have children or you remember your own childhood. For my person, I can only say that I love games, today just as much as I did then. As children, we loved two games in particular: hide-and-seek and catch me playing.

The same games, that is meant quite seriously, the Lord plays with us. We should look for him in his word, track him down in his hiding places and unveil him. If we take a closer look at the story, then both Simson and his comrades have played such a game in the form of a puzzle game. And because the word riddle in Hebrew also always means a puzzle, we have to puzzle. If you have joy in Jesus and in His word, then seek Him. You will discover him on every page of the Bible because his word describes him.

Who knows him recognizes him.

And because I wrote down much of what I discovered at that time, I present it to the public. Not all texts have been properly revised and translated yet, but some important texts are already on my website. In order to understand the content, you have to deal with the imagery of Hebrew, because even the single letter represents an object from our world, such as the Aleph א, which stands for a bull's head, or the Taw- ת, which has two about crossed woods. (The letter used today looks more like a note sign).

God uses many word images - metaphors, just as we do when we talk or write letters to each other.

Example: I have a ravenous hunger before eating and after that, I am dog-tired, so after eating I go to the ferderas and sleep like a marmot. When the sun comes up, I'm as fit as a fiddle.

"Never stop asking," Albert Einstein is said to have once said. I think that was good advice. And so I asked many questions to the text from judges 14. And who asks questions also gets answers or not? The answers flow into the interpreation I provide, not exhaustive but groundbreaking.

The Prehistory of Samson - Judges 13

Even before our protagonist is born, miraculous things happen. His mother was in the field when a stranger suddenly approached her. He spoke to her abruptly and said: "Look, you are infertile and do not give birth; but you will become pregnant and give birth to a son. And now be careful and drink neither wine nor strong drink, and eat nothing unclean! For, behold, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and no shearing knife shall come upon his head: for a Nazir of God shall be the lad from the womb; and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines.

The woman hastened home straight away and told her husband that a man had approached her in the field. She described his appearance as the appearance of an angel and that it would be a fear. She hadn't asked him where he comes from, probably because he hadn't introduced himself to the woman by name.

What the woman then told her husband must have surprised Manoah. The messenger announced her imminent pregnancy. It is to be a son! What a message; and the stranger had told her twice, as if he suspected that she didn't really want to believe him. Twice: You will become pregnant.  

The woman lives abstinently for the next few months, she abstains from wine and strong drink, in joyful excitement about what is happening to her.

For the interpretation of Samson's story and its apt interpretation, it is extraordinarily important that the messenger of God should say: "Your son will be consecrated to God, from the womb on." The mother added the significant addition: "... until the day of his death." Samson! a Nasir from birth to death.

But what is a Nazir or a Nazirite?
Well, that is a man, male or female, who gives himself completely to the Lord. The Hebrew word is נזיר - Nasir- and means:

1. to separate and/or to be separated;
2. to separate: to consecrate or to be consecrate by God;
3. a Nasir shall be different.

What does being different look like? The Hebrew word also gives us information about this. A Nasir is:

- a blessed one;
- a prince;
- is not free in his position to God;
- connected with the Lord, by own and free decision.

Besides, a nasir should not have his hair cut off. Long hairs represent the visible sign of a life dependent on God and thus indicate beauty and glory that can be admired in women. This is also the case with Nasir. In his thinking, in his motives and in his actions, he leaves everything to the good God. We see the same in a married woman who loves her husband. As a woman, she leaves the leadership to the man. The cooperation of the woman is not excluded, her assistance is urgently necessary. Samson lives the role model, the female aspect, in the relationship with God. This is seen through Samson's hair.

But: Because it is a dishonor for a man to wear long hair, it also points to the opposite aspect, that of shame. What kind of shame is at stake here, we will see in a suitable place. One thing is already clear: both glory and shame are concentrated on Samson.  

The long hair still holds a secret. It seems to apply equally to both Christians and Jews: They do not recognize the Messiah in Samson, for he comes veiled. Does Prof. Paul not say: The hair has been given to the woman instead of a veil? The long hair as it were a symbol for veiling. Simson's narrative is a tortuous speech, in every detail. It is the allegory of the Eternal Being.

The Unveiling of The Riddle - Judges 14

Now the actual interpretation follows. The conclusions that I now make are derived from the script: The third picture. You can find it in the menu "Scripts". Some things are repeated there, because of the connection, but many other amazing puzzle pieces are described for the first time.

The 14th chapter of the judge's book can be divided into three sections:

Section 1: Verses 1-3
Section 2: Verses 4-19
Section 3: Verse 20

Section 1 - Verses 1-3

The Son of God leaves the Father House and comes to earth. A great misfortune has happened: the fall from sin. Samson visits the place of the drama: Timnath! There he sees a girl and is enraptured by her. Timnath, we remember, means part of the sun and the root of the word "weigh", i.e. the balance of the right is brought into balance by HIM in Timnath because that is why our hero came. What does "part of the sun" mean in this chapter and what part of the sun is it? In verse 18 the Hebrew word Shemesh, sun, is not used, but Cheres; it means: to send out sun rays. The sun is no longer visible on the horizon and yet its last rays create a fascinating atmosphere.

What was the Fall of Man? The Philistines,  here called the uncircumcised, are above all the Jews. (See Jeremiah 9:25 ... for all nations are uncircumcised, and the whole house of Israel is uncircumcised in heart. They and also the nations rejected the Messiah Yeshua. He still loves them.  

Now comes the hammer: The use of the word Cheres is an end-time hint. During sunset, the last rays, the Samson riddle will be solved.

But I anticipate, I am too fast. Let's go step by step and see what happens now. After Simson is visibly aroused by the Philistine, he returns to his father's house. In verses 2 and 3 we listen, Deities talk to each other, we hear a dialogue of Her Majesties. The son tells his father and mother: "I have seen in Timnath - during the last rays of the sun - a girl, of the daughters of the Philistines - of the wanderers -, - during the rumbling of thunder-, and now, take this girl to be my wife.

Father and mother speak to Samson, they do not have a dispute, but, there are announcements of Her Majesties. First a rhetorical question is asked: Is there not among the daughters of your brethren and among all my people a woman that you go to take a wife of the Philistines, the uncircumcised? The answer must be: No! And why not? Because at that time the church of Jesus is to be seen as raptured. She was taken away from the earth in a fraction of a second and taken to heaven by Jesus. This is the heavenly bride. The bride of Jesus consists of all the born-again believers, of all the nations. The Jews first and also the Greeks, says Prof. Paul.

The first three verses are well suited to explain a pattern in the Bible. A pattern is a template. According to this pattern, events happen in a similar way. The Philistine forms such a pattern and as such represents all, that is:

1. for every human being;
2. for each nation;
3. especially for the Jews, for they are: Template, pattern, model, ornament and plan.

The pattern describes three essential things:

  1. Pride;
  2. The pleasure of the eyes,
  3. Lust of carnal desire.

In his letter James describes in a few words the terrible consequences of our arrogance and our lusts:

James 4:1:
  • Where do wars and disputes among you come from?
      • Because of arrogance toward one another

  • Don't they come from your lusts that quarrel in your limbs?
      • The best, the smartest, the most beautiful, and much more

James 4:2:
  • You desire and have nothing;
      • Greed can only do one thing: greed, to the point of falling down.

  • you kill and envy and can't get anything;
      • Blood guilt on blood guilt

  • you fight and you get;
      • The peak of greed is war

  • you have nothing because you don't ask;
      • Who could a wicked man ask?

  • You ask and receive nothing, because you ask evil, so that you waste it in your lusts.

Askalon: The Balance of Justice in Equilibrium

Jesus has a plan. For every person he wants to be able to say in the presence of his heavenly Father: This man is sincere in my eyes. When can Jesus say this? After he met you somewhere, he was allowed to enter into your life and you have had a trusting relationship with him ever since.

Jesus sees you as he saw the Philistine. He knows everything about you, knows your innermost feelings, thoughts and desires. The Hebrew word for see is "raah" and has many translation possibilities. One meaning wants to pick out, it is: to see each other, to look at each other. One can only look oneself in the eyes if everything alright, the reasons for the disorders have been eliminated and all inconsistencies have been resolved. Whether injuries or insults, whether hard words or other guilt, everything must be arranged under four eyes. Then you can look yourself in the eye with a pure heart. Everything is fine because the heart has been circumcised. And as time goes by, as our relationship with Jesus becomes ever closer, we realize our pride and the desires of our eyes and flesh become disgusting. We discuss these things with Jesus in prayer. In reading and studying His Word, He tells us how we are progressing on the path of righteousness that leads through the midst of this world.

If you have not yet met Jesus, read the Bible and only the Bible with an open and sincere heart. Start on the first page, because already in the first book of Moses Jesus is told and guaranteed: He who seeks me will find me. He talks to you through the Bible and you are allowed to talk to him and we call this prayer. In this way everything comes in order.

The same applies to the nations. God also wants to forgive and heal them. How much injustice have the nations done to one another and things have not been ordered. How many wounds have not healed until our days. The Messiah will also order these matters satisfactorily some day. Then the bi- and multilateral relations of the peoples will also be in balance.

Who is the young Philistine in the text of Judges 14? These are the Jews (the twelve tribes) left behind after the Rapture. A bitter feeling comes up, a fright catches her. Those who are left behind are frozen. (Read the script: Daniel 10). The last seven years begin soon, when the mystery of Samson is presented to the Jews for the last time by the 144,000.

Back to the dialogue. Samson replies to his father: "Take her to me, for she is right (jaschar, which means sincere, just) in my eyes. The Philistine is sincere and just in Samson's eyes. (Read the script: The Book of Jashar). The girl symbolizes the concubine, which we later find in Judges 19.


  1. A great drama occurred: the rejection of the Messiah.
  2. Simson nevertheless goes to Timnath. He "falls in love". The Philistine is still restless in the world.
  3. Samson's return to the father's house and it follows a dialogue within the deity; result: there are no more daughters from the father's people on earth, because all the daughters are in the castle of Susan; female aspect of the believers.
  4. Samson declares the Philistine sincere and just. These are Samson's last words in the Father's house. Now the son is going into action.

Section 2 - Judges 14, verses 4-19

The following is a review of the events that took place 2000 years ago and are repeated in a similar way in the last "week of the year". (Daniel 9:24; one week represents seven years.)

Jesus, then 12 years old, is looking for an opportunity to talk to the religious leaders. It was their first chance to meet the Messiah, soon the third and last to solve the mystery of Samson. When did Israel have the second chance? It was and still is, our age, the time of the Church of Jesus. At the end of 2000 years many Jews will have accepted Jesus as their Messiah.

Who are the Philistines in Book of Judges?

Their dominion points to various things. On the one hand, the uncircumcised in heart and ears. These are above all the religious leaders, but also the mass of the people, whether Jew or Philistine (Greek). On the other hand, the Philistines are a reference to the Roman Empire, which is already rising again. It represents the peoples of the world. The land of Canaan serves here as a symbol for the whole earth, because the greater number of Jews still live in the diaspora today; and where they live, above all in Europe and America, Roman law has an effect, at least in parts, up to our time.

Three of them on the way down to Timnath

Simson goes with his father and mother to Timnath. This means: God the Father and the Holy Spirit (the maternal aspect of the deity) visit the Philistine, the scattered Jews and the other 10 tribes.

Note: The Hebrew word "echad" refers to a composite unity.

The THREE - Echad - father, mother and son, come to the vineyards. They symbolize:

  1. the meeting places of the Jews, their synagogues,
  2. the meeting places of the Christians, their parish halls,
  3. Temple districts (both heavenly and earthly - including the temples of idols -),
  4. the lust and the pleasures of this earth, the pacification of lust;
  5. personally for each individual, because everyone has also, figuratively seen, his own pleasure garden.

Everywhere there are the big lions for the young Samson, therefore not only one lion roars, but many. The Hebrew word "Aria" for lion stands here in the plural, "Arajot", ergo, many lions. Many large lions have roared towards the boy. The big, Arajot, against the young, "Kephir"; a young lion, that is Samson. It is the most difficult part of the whole chapter because it is very complex.

The story of Samson prophetically pointed to Jesus

Simson is about 12 years old. His age results from the puzzle that I describe in the script: "The third picture".

The way to Timnath points to the time of his growing up. It is Simson's time of storm and tribulation. Like us, he lived through the time of puberty. It is veiled in the text with the highest aesthetics, so that I cannot reproduce it in any other way than in the form of a poem. We can already see today that this theme is becoming very important in the Last Days. In the field of sexuality, almost everything goes wrong.

Corporeal fornication and spiritual fornication are closely related.

To this day, the Jews accuse the mother of Jesus of fornication with a reproached hand; and declare Yeshua a bastard. This is already prophetically said in Judges 11: "And Jephta the Gileadite was a brave hero; but he was the son of a whore, and Gilead had begotten Jephta. (See the script: Jephta - still in preparation)

The Messiah was pure. He had never sinned in sexual matters, neither had he given in to desires nor lusts. The Apostle Peter describes this with the following words: "Now that Christ (for us) has suffered in the flesh, you also arm yourselves with the same mind; for he who has suffered in the flesh rests from sin, in order to live the rest of the time, in the flesh, no longer the lusts of men, but the will of God." 1 Peter 4:1

We are called by Peter: to live the remaining time in the flesh no longer the lusts of men, but the will of God. 1 Peter 4:2

The Greek word "pas-cho", which has been translated as "suffered", describes suffering as a sensational feeling, a sensation that is equivalent to a sensation.

Yeshua had experienced the effect of these feelings. How did he deal with it? The answer can be found in the following poem.


        A Brave Hero

Not lion and not spirit runs
against the little ones?
Look! Mother, Father, even the others
dumb and blind to their Child
in that time, finds himself alone

Snorting, greedy for the little ones
with lot of crying dones
with fury and with anger
seeks to curb his ember

All excited by his roars
but didn't lay his hand on so'est
He torns the lion in the air
moved silently from this affair

That did the little Hero, he tored him up,
the one who tears everyone apart,
but had nothing in his hand
so the strong soon disappeared

He clears up the whole confusion
what postmodernism did, to our kids
just lied to our youngs and betrayed the boys
Consequently many cheated
with themselves, because no other choice

Like he, suffered in the flesh
Does he want us to refresh
and strengthen on the way
to be a light and to stay
and make a mark
in the middle of the dark.
© Copyright by H.Randy Rohrer


Samson and The Lions in The Temple District

But there are many other great lions, the Pharisees and Scribes in Israel. The twelve-year-old sits with the great lions and asks them many questions and gives sensible answers. In the Gospel of Luke we read:

And when he was twelve years old, and they went up to Jerusalem according to the custom of the feast, and had finished the days, when they returned, the boy Jesus remained in Jerusalem; and his parents knew not. But when they thought that he was among the relatives and acquaintances, and when they had not found him, they returned to Jerusalem and sought him. And it came to pass after three days, that they found him in the temple, sitting among the teachers (these are the great lions), listening to them and questioning them. But all who heard him were overcome with his understanding and his answers.

In Luke 2 the great lions might have snarled friendly, because the twelve year old Jesus had asked the great ones friendly and answered them respectfully. It is said of the twelve-year-old boy: and he was subordinate to his parents. Already as a boy Jesus was a shining example for his contemporaries. The parents were able to experience it daily, as were the neighbors.

The scholars will have been amazed no less.

From this time on people and especially the Jews asked themselves: Who is this person? The mystery began with his first visit to Jerusalem. In the temple, which also symbolically stands for a vineyard, the large lions, Arajot, were torn apart by the small lion, Kephir. What does "tearing" mean? The Hebrew word שסע means to split, to reprimand, to blame, to reproach. It is doubtful that Jesus rebuked the great. But through his questions and answers he will have split them into groups. The wrong teachings through their traditions have contributed to this. They cover up the Word of God.

The mystery of Samson has not yet been solved, then or now.

The Carrion of The Dead Lion

Because Samson is also the dead lion, the dead lion also points to Yeshua. His death is mysterious and special. What kind of death is that? It is death that comes from ignorance. For 2000 years Jesus has been dead for the Jews as well as for most other peoples. Immediately after the resurrection, the scribes spread the following rumor: Say: "His disciples came at night and stole him while we slept." Notwithstanding these liars, the disciples, undaunted, proclaim in the temple, after receiving the Holy Spirit, the risen man named Jesus.

The Dead live longer

Something incredible happens, the lion considered dead grows. Can dead lions grow? Let's take a closer look at the miracle. Young Kephir grows up, becomes a big lion, an "ARI". During the time of his mysterious death, busy bees build a beehive. Samson can take the honeycomb from the dead body and eat it because the busy bees have collected pollen and nectar and produced honey. The honey speaks of the sweetness of the gospel that can soften a hard-boiled Orthodox Jew and also a die-hard atheist. The good news is sweeter and more sweet than honey. This is the honey that flowed out of the rock called Messiah. Let us read about this in Psalm 81:16:

The haters of Yahweh would have subjected themselves to him with flattery, and their time would have been eternal; and with the fat of the wheat he would have fed it, and with honey from the rock I would have sated thee.

A beautiful promise lies in the words. Jesus makes known to his haters that their time would have been eternal if they had subjected themselves to him, Yeshua HaMashiach. A guaranteed eternal life for all who submit to the God of the Bible and His Son. There is no better prospect for the future. But how terrible are the consequences of the lasting hatred that consumes the fools, consumed into the eternity of eternity.

The little goat puzzles

Ssmson, and thus also the Messiah, found themselves in a recurring field of tension. The big lions growl against the little goat. Now the lion belongs to the predators and the little goat belongs to the flight animals. Normally a lion would kill the young goat with a bite and then tear it apart. In the allegorical narrative the impossible becomes possible. The little goatling tears the lion apart. By nature it is different, but the spirit of Yahweh came over Samson and so he could not dismember the lion with anything in his hand. Nothing in the hand points to another weapon, to another spirit, sharper than a double-edged sword. It is the Word of God. Samson and also Jeshua HaMashiach, both of them, cut the words from the Bible into correct pieces in the verbal arguments and put the new puzzle together correctly. Thus they destroyed old ideas, thought patterns and interpretations. Jesus attacked the tradition of the ancients, the Mishnah. He lived according to the law and the prophets and had swept the tradition of the elders from the table. Only the Old Testament, Hebrew Tanakh, and only the Tanakh. And expressed in Martin Luther's words: "Only the Scriptures."

The Most Intelligent of All
There is another lion; but he has destroyed his wisdom. He was once a light bearer and now, only darkness. His goal is to devour as many people as possible, to drag them into the whirlpool of his twists and turns. They are the windings of a pierced worm whose poison clouds the senses and is highly toxic. The substance is spread through the system of esotericism. Its formations resemble the structure of windings, like the windings of a snake. By means of demonic twists, people are first deceived, then poisoned and then drowned in the swamp in complete derangement. The Jewish Kabbalah is the preferred application of Satan, but also the magic in Islam and Catholicism come from the same poison kitchen. The ingredients of his brew are twists, lies, theft, murder, sex and drugs (here also the abuse of alcohol).

Jesus, the young lion, Kephir, had an encounter with the old lion Satan, after whom Jesus had fasted for 40 days. Satan's attempt is insidious. It's about three things:

  • Stones to bread;
  • throw themselves down without being hurt by a stone;
  • a huge stone (also called a mountain); it is about Satan's self-exaltation and worship.

The three things represent:

1. the food; - the pleasure of the eyes;
2. the temple; - the lust of the flesh;
3. the object of worship - pride of life.

Jesus uses the Word of God in the right way and wins the victory.

Why does the Bible use the metaphor of a lion, both for Samson and for Satan? Let us read a passage from the Bible that plausibly answers this question.

Ezekiel Chapter 1 - The Appearance of the Cherubim

And I looked, and, behold, a storm wind came from the north, a great cloud and a fire, intertwining, and a splendour round about them; and from its midst, from the midst of the fire, it shone as the sight of shining metal. And out of his midst appeared the figure of four living creatures; and this was their appearance: They had the shape of a man. And each of them had four faces, and each of them had four wings.

And their feet were straight feet, and their soles like the sole of a calf's foot; and they sparkled like the sight of shining ores. And the hands of men were under their wings on their four sides; and the four had their faces and their wings. Their wings were joined one to the other; they did not turn when they went: They went each straight before them.

And the form of their countenance was the face of a man: and on the right side the four had the face of a lion, and on the left side the four had the face of a bull, and the four had the face of an eagle.

The Messiah often appears in the Old Testament as the angel of the Lord, and for good reason. To the remnant the Lord will appear almost exclusively in the form of an angel, with the face of a man (usually without wings). Satan also takes the form of an angel of light. But since his expulsion from the heavenly temple of God, he has lost the dignity of the cherubim. He is not a light bearer. If we look at the four beings from Ezekiel, it becomes clear that the angels have four faces and one of them is the face of a lion and so also the king of Israel. As the promised Messiah he is the lion of Judah, who brings his prey safely home. For the Jews and Israel the Lord will create salvation as an angel, as is described again and again in Revelation. But the scribe of the Epistle to the Hebrews makes clear the difference between the Son of God and the angels: Your throne, O God, is forever and ever ... and all the angels of God shall worship him.

Remark: Amazing things we learn about the angels in Hebrews 1 (see script: Introduction to the Letter to Hebrews).

And the opponent? Satan walks about like a roaring lion to devour his prey, like a snake.

The face of a bull holds another secret.

Israel - Your last chance - Judges 14, 14

The young lion sought an approach to the old lions, the third and last chance. But many of those addressed reject him, only the young Philistine, she does not leave him. During his stay in Timnath, it is Simson's engagement time with the Philistine, he gives up his riddle to his comrades. At his feast they have the chance to recognize Samson as their savior, this is the second feast described in the first chapter of the Book of Esther. The friends, this is Samson's condition, are to solve the mystery in seven days. If they solve it, they receive from Samson shirts and changing clothes. Samson recites the riddle. From the eater came food, and from the strong came sweetness.

In order to show the consequences of the riddle a little, we look at the most different translation possibilities. Each reader can look for further sections in the Bible for himself and supplement the points 3 to 5 for himself.

1. Elberfelder 1905:
From the eater came food, and from the strong came sweetness.
2. Martin Luther 1545:
Food came from the eater and sweets from the strong.

3. Israel desired flesh, for they were disgusted with manna. Numbers 21:5, 4.
From the eater bread fell out, and from the grumbler came sweet liquid.

4. Jesus disgusts it, and so he spits out the corrupted bread; yet sweet words came from the strict man. Revelation 3:20
From the eater fell (unclean) bread out of his mouth; from the strong came the bitterly made sweet words of God. Genesis 20:22-34; Psalm 95:10-11; Jonah 1:15 in connection with Genesis 5:25,9.

5. The mirrored Samson: this is the son of destruction. He is the chief priest and the king of kings.
The eater went out of the house, he puked out much bread; from the wine drinker, this uncouth boy, the mixed wine left in the high arch and spoiled the good rooms. Matthew 24:48, Revelation 3:16

Seven days are like seven years

So long the friends have time to solve the mystery. But already after three days they have to give up and admit: "We can't solve the puzzle". Why don't the comrades come to a conclusion? Quite simply, the journeymen build their own picture, detached from Simson. The wager makes it clear. It's about shirts and changing clothes. The shirts symbolize purity, that is the white dresses, fine and pure. But the journeymen want to clean their dirty clothes themselves, adhere to the law of Sinai and remain bold: we want to do everything that Yahweh has spoken! Exodus 19:8

Has anyone ever fully upheld the law? No! All, even the greatest rabbis, died, struggled in vain. The riddle answers: Food came from the eater. The food speaks of the words of the Messiah. He is the eater. His words change the law of Sinai and call out to us: "I have devoured the evil one, for you! I have overcome evil, receive these words in you, eat of my food and it will give you eternal life, for: Death is swallowed - by me - in my victory." This victory is one of the greatest heroic deeds of the Messiah.

The changing clothes symbolize wealth of a special kind. In the third chapter of Revelation, God says to the Jews, "Because you say, "I am rich and have become rich and need nothing, and do not know that you are the wretched and the wretched and the poor and the blind and the naked.

The friends have accumulated a wealth that one day will rust or rot or even be eaten by the moths. That's their bet: dirty clothes, perishable gold. Simson holds against it. His clothes remain white and his righteousness -- the gold of God -- is eternal righteousness.

Mirroring - An Important Means of Prophecy

Why don't the comrades see their Messiah in the lion and the little goat? We now enter the heart of the story. As explained above, Samson has not sinned in the field of sexuality. The Messiah was pure and spotless. Neither did Jesus lay hands on himself to lead the sensation to the summit, nor did he ever have sexual contact, neither with the other nor with the same sex.

Now the opposite, the reflection, comes into play. The false Messiah will turn to the same sex. This is what the prophet Daniel says in chapter 11 verse 37:

And he will not pay attention to the God of his fathers,
and neither the longing of the women nor
he will respect any god, but he will
rise above everything.

The word for lust or longing is called Chemdah in Hebrew (חמדה H2532) and is derived from the root Chemed (חמד H2530). The word is found for the first time in Genesis 3:6.

And the woman saw that the tree was good for food.
and that he has a LUST for the eyes and the tree
would be desirable.

Eve's lust is above all for the tree, which symbolizes it:

1. for a human being,
2. for a people or
3. for a ruler.

To give insight, that's why the tree is so desirable for Eve. We find a similar aspect of desire in the Scripture. Genesis 4:1 says, "And Adam knew Eve his wife. Recognition and insight are spiritual things, objects that are invisible but present. When Adam recognizes his wife, it is not only the sexual act that is called, but it expresses that he really discovered the essence of his wife. The same applies to spiritual things. Eve wanted insight, strived for supernatural intelligence and fellowship under this tree. But true knowledge comes only from communion with God. Only when we enter into togetherness with the Lord do we recognize Him and see Him as He is. The Lord reveals Himself to us in the study of the Holy Scriptures. This is the hidden manna of which Jesus speaks in Revelation 2:17 and wants to give to those who overcome.

Eve desires another tree and thus another object of worship. In the later days of Israel these are the young green trees, people among whom the people gave themselves to fornication. Desire and worship, belong only to the Lord.

The tree that Eve desired - Genesis 3

In the opposite image, the reflection, we find the man whose desire is for something else; that fits well with a Roman leader. In their system, marriage is of little value. Celibacy is lived by surrendering to same-sex relationships. Rome always remains the SAME, Rome never changes. In celibacy, the prohibition of marriage, Rome fulfills the prophetic indication of the apostle Paul: "In later times some will fall away from the faith by paying attention to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons. They forbid marriage and command abstinence from food."

The Antichrist, we can also call him Anti-Messiah, is overwhelmed by the lion of sexuality. He is torn apart by him. Conquered already in his earliest youth. John describes the beast in Revelation 13 as follows: it looks like a lamb. The Greek word for lamb, Arnion, refers to a young lamb. And the text in Revelation 13 verse 11 adds: with two horns. This young man will have a charm and will speak words that the world has not seen and heard before. He will be wiser than Daniel. How can such a thing happen? He will be satanically inspired by the Kabbalah. Even if the expression "wiser than Daniel" is used for the king of Tyre, that is the anti-Christian ruler, both men are sons of the devil and thus "spiritual brothers". The opponent of the Messiah looks innocent, but speaks like a dragon. And how does a dragon speak? Very simple: He lies! Like the father of lies, the devil, so does the son.

The food with which the false Messiah feeds comes from the lion who represents Satan in the opposite image and who appears to him as the angel of light. Through this appearance, the false Messiah gains insights into spiritual things that are twisted by Satan. They lead to self-deification. This is what the serpent offered Eve. The tree of knowledge, of seeing or of spiritual guidance. Thus the tree stands for Satan. As a snake it offers itself as a bringer of knowledge. But the knowledge granted under her guidance leads to destruction. And because satanic insights are also always directed toward evil, the antichristian ruler of the resurrected Roman Empire and the false prophet from Israel will come to power with lies and deceit. Whoever does not worship them will be murdered by them.

But Eve represents those whose lust for this tree. However, many people will refuse to worship the Antichrist, so they will be killed. All three, the devil, the antichristian ruler and the false prophet, work together in it. They form the satanic trinity. And just as Jesus named the serpent as the murderer of man from the beginning, we must also call his sons murderers.  

In the vineyard of God

The lions in the temple district deal with the esoteric teachings of the Kabbalah. Blinded in this way, they cannot recognize the true Messiah. Only if Jesus, and through him his disciples, intervene to help and cast out the demons, can the blind lions be freed from the dark dungeon and step out into the sunlight - Samson - and recognize Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus the Christ.

Heres means "to send out rays". It is the last rays of the sun that are visible before dusk. And what else is seen that evening: the thunderstorms that are looming on the horizon. The first thunders can be heard. Simson's comrades don't have much time left. The night falls quickly and nothing can be recognized then, for: Darkness is above the depths.

To be continued!

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