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Words and Numbers are related

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Word and number of biblical terms are set in relation to each other

The table lists the most important words in the first column. In the second column a number is given; it indicates how often the word is used in judge 14. At the end of the table, the meanings of the numbers in the second column are given. Frederick W. Grant discovered and formulated the interpretation of the numbers in the Bible.  In his book, Numerical Bible, his research, which he published in 1894, can be read.

I only had to assign the meanings to the numbers and lo and behold, a new field of information is opened. A compliment to Frederick W. Grant.


Brief overview of the words:

down     12x

Woman  10x;  9x in verses 1-19; 1x in verse 20

Simson  9x
            8x in verses 1-19
            1x in verse 20

Puzzle    8x

Father and mother       7x

Father without mother 4x
2x the father of Simson
2x the father of the Philistine

Day/days 6x
6 days of hard work and then the Sabbath begins, this is the Kingdom of Peace of the Messiah.

thirty        6x

The word seven 5x
Timnath            5x
Philistines           5x
Lion                  5x
down                5x

Daughters            3x
Honey                      3x
meal                    3x
Change of clothes 3x
Man/Men             3x
Yahweh               3x

saw (see)  2x
tear            2x
went up    2x

Body             2x
journeymen 2x

Uncut                1x
Sun (sunbeams) 1x

There are only uncircumcised under the sun, uncircumcised in heart and ears.

Opportunity (actually: chance) 1x
Just one more chance. It is the last chance to recognize the Messiah.

She is right (actually: just, sinscere) in my eyes 1x

Vineyards  1x
little rack   1x
talked         1x
Hands       1x
Youths        1x
nothing      1x
in his hand 1x

Eater   1x
Food     1x
God is the consuming fire.

Stronger 1x
Anger     1x
The anger at unbelief is not yet gone.

Askalon   1x
The place stands symbolically for a place of justice. There the scales of the right are brought into equilibrium. That was only necessary once, on the cross on Golgotha

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The meanings of the numbers in the Bible. Resource: Source: http://www.bibelkommentare.de

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