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Construction of Samson's Story

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Arguments for the divine design of the narrative of Samson's story

The highest intelligence was at work here. The conditions for such a complex work as the Bible cannot have been conceived by humans. All the conditions that the biblical texts must fulfil are extraordinary. They cannot be produced by us human beings. What conditions must be fulfilled? What requirements do authors have to meet in order to write such texts?

  1. He would have to choose the number of words so that they are in harmony with the narrative and at the same time with the meaning of the numbers.  Already this work is very complex and time-consuming. If you wanted to put a story into such a scheme, it would certainly take many hours. What do I say?  Days or months, if not years. He would have to create a table of the meanings of the numbers and then apply the words used to that table. To maintain consistency in a literary work as comprehensive as the Bible is an impossible task.
  2. He must tell truth historically and make precise predictions in this narrative. Each detail must refer to and fulfill events that take place in the distant future, word for word.
  3. All the words of his text should already contain the prophetic statements.
  4. The text would then also have to have a kind of gripping narrative style, so that over many generations, again and again authors take up its text as the basis for their own stories.
  5. The text would have to go to the heart in such a way that artists from other areas also consider it worthwhile to rework his story in film, music, painting and sculpture.
  6. In the text he would have to enter all figures in such a way that they would be confirmed as logical and reliable even thousands of years later. And an important secondary condition, too: All writers, including those before and after him, must have known the meanings of the numbers.
  7. Before he even begins to write, he must have all the numerical values of the letters, the words and the sentences in his head or at least on stone, clay or papyrus.
  8. He would have to design the text in such a way that the numerical values would in turn give hints to other passages in the text that have not yet been written.
  9. He must have been so highly trained in mathematics at that time that he already knew prime numbers long before they were discovered. An important additional condition would be that he was familiar with decimal arithmetic.
  10. He must have been known as God's prophet in order to have his story included in such a great work as the Bible is today.
  11. He must have known his homeland and the surrounding countries so well that he could loosely incorporate the geographical details into the text.
  12. He would have to have been personally present at all events in order to know all the details and then to reproduce them correctly in writing.
  13. And much more.

We will see that the text from Judge 14 only came about in a supernatural way. If we apply the criteria to the entire Holy Scripture, then we must freeze in awe and admire the author. Simson's story is the masterpiece of the highest literary art. With playful ease, God builds here a simple text and yet fantastically wrapped in an allegorical narrative. Reading Simson's story, all the senses are challenged to the full. Even in plain text, the reader reflects what he has read, with all his being. Depending on his relationship to the author, the text reflects his relationship to God.   

Here's to the basics -> the basics for understanding Simson's history.

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