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Basic knowledge about the Story of Samson

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Basic knowledge about the history of Simson

Also called basic knowledge, provide us with a solid foundation in all areas.
This also applies to the Bible.  The basic knowledge of the Bible includes knowledge about:
- the acting persons,
- the meanings of the symbols,
- the many meanings of the terms,
- many other linguistic means (techniques).
In this section they are learned. In order to understand the allegory, the story behind the story, well, we acquire the necessary prerequisites.  Simson's narrative also has other levels of meaning, which we will work out together. We will go through everything step by step, without any hectic rush. A dictionary will be added soon. You will find all important terms translated and provided with parallel passages.
Puzzling is the most important means of understanding the text. I'm talking here about reliable puzzling. So don't: Pass! Or I'll hit you! (Saying of Silvia K., it means: You don't want to fit in? then I hit you.) We don't do that. We put all parts in the right place.
This happens in two ways:
We puzzle after the words. Where do we find the same term? Think about it and use the puzzle piece correctly.
Where do we find similar stories in the Bible? This work is more difficult.  We must already know the Bible.
When we have put all the pieces together, we get a complete picture. A beautiful, shiny and lovely painting.
And now, a few words and phrases from chapter 14. They bring us one step closer to the mystery.
is the central figure, his name means:
Sun man,
like the sun;

Part of the sun;
Root: weigh;
to bring the balance of the right into balance;
Note: We are in the Book of Judges, for the
Weighing pans are the ones that bring you into
equilibrium should be.

A grown woman and thus a woman capable of marriage.

Meaning of the name is: rolling, wandering,
the word root:. roll; turn, rotate (in a circle, like in a dance),
rumble (like thunder),

Father and mother
The parents are not only Simson's most important reference persons;
Father and mother also symbolize God;

they're male persons,
that aren't circumcised on the foreskin.

The deeper and actual meaning:
they are people of both sexes who are uncircumcised at the hearts, i.e..,
Uncircumcised people live according to their own desires and shape their lives according to the
self-planned life plan.

are biological and also adopted brothers and sisters;
in the broader sense: all who belong to their own people;

righteous or sincere (jaschar)
that's what people are called who are honest with themselves.
and be honest with God.
Recommendation: the script "The Book of Jashar";

in my eyes
a pictorial expression that says:
that the person is judged and acted in accordance with his or her own sense of justice.

Father and mother did not know
Parents can know their son very well,
but they don't know everything about him, what he does, who he is.

describes the (last) chance the Philistines get from Samson;

the word consists of two sense units:
1. wine: it stands for
Passover or communion;

Mountains: they stand for
young lion - Kephir
Simson in his youth;
it is his stormy youth;
Judas the lion, this is the Messiah;
great lions - Arijot (in plural) you:
rumor across the street from Simson -
this happens either
friendly or hostile (Hebrew: kara)
billy goat
A one-year-old animal,
to the sin victim;
This is Samson, he is about 12 years old;
his time of growing up;
to tear
share, separate, split;
reprimand, rebuke;
nothing at all in his hand
The hand stands here in the singular.
The Hebrew word jad describes an open hand.
Power, aids and direction can be placed in it.
The closed hand is called Kaph in Hebrew.
This hand is hollow and empty. In this hand lies deceit.
did not reveal what he had done
here in relation to his parents;
Father and mother are not told everything during this time
and for good reasons;
Downfall, fall;
Decay, downfall;
Corruption, destruction, ruin;
Corpse, carcass, skeleton, body;
here it is a full-grown lion (Hebrew aria)
How did the lion's carrion grow when he's dead?
Swarm of bees
consists of two words in Hebrew.
1. fixed collection, quantity, assembly;
2. gathering of people, crowd, congregation;
3. a family or crowd;

They are characterized by their systematic instinct,
they move orderly, orderly and on schedule;
because of its stickiness;
Meaning of the word root:
    viscous, gluey;
A riddle is always also:
a puzzle:
in extended meaning)
a trick,
difficult question,
Shaking sieve,
veiled speech;
seven days
the number seven:

the seven days stand for:
the 7 years of the last week of Daniel,
the epoch of the 7 churches (assemblies);
thirty shirts
thirty stand for Benjamin;
Shirts for justice;
thirty changing dresses
thirty stand for Benjamin;
Change of clothes for wealth;
out of the eater came food
the eater consumes everything:
any food;
for God is a consuming fire;

from the strong came sweet things
Simson is:
suddenly occurring,
Acute, he is:
shrill (in sound);

to denote journeymen:
the groom's companions;
that also is also the name for:
John the Baptist,
all believers of the Old Testament and
the faithful after the Rapture;
and the Antichrist, who will be judged in the end for his revolt.

it's a banquet;
it is the 7-day meal in Esther 1;
prophetically it indicates the Lord's Supper;

three days
points to the first half of the last week of Daniel,
which will last a total of seven years.
Note: Half years are either rounded up or down,
The meal lasts until the evening, before the last rays of the sun give way to the night.

Talking means:  
wide open
here the door of the heart of Simson
   it also means:
seduce you,
the false Messiah does;

men:  the word describes the state of man:

Here the term Shemesh;  the word sun does not stand in the Hebrew original,
but to emit Heres rays. Heres stands for the Jewish part of the sun, because Timnath-Heres means part of the sun. Heres points to the setting sun, followed by the night of great tribulation.

is a young animal of cattle.
The male animal is the bull,
that's the symbol on the flag of Ephraim;
The prince of Ephraim is Joshua (Greek: Jesus).

Ephraim stands for the Church of Jesus. He is the leading tribe, temporarily representing the Roman Church.

in the legal sense:
suspend, interrupt, postpone;
float, balance, stay;

Simson kills 30 men
the 30 are Benjamin; the faithful remnant must die,
like the three friends of Daniel, therefore symbol of the faithful in Israel;

Man, Hebrew "Ish"; it means:
what is left;
what still exists.
Benjamin dies first in the flesh, that is, he is baptized for the death of Jesus.
Benjamin also dies bodily. In the great tribulation he must die, but Jesus is with him.
Read the prophet Daniel, chapter three.
The Bible text, after the Elberfelder from 1905, can be found here Continued -> Judge 14
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